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Chalet Deer & Dear

Best of both worlds, Chalet Deer & Dear.


Melanie guided this project from the ground up till the turn key hand over to the owners.


With commercial projects as these were not only the wishes of the owners but als the requirements of the guests are a factor of importance.


What started as a large chalet ended up with a smart solution of two apartments under one roof which can accommodate a group from 8 till 16 guests when both apartments are shared into one large Chalet.


The owners were looking for modern materials and feeling but also wanted a cabine look matching the feeling of a traditional Chalet.


By using a local carpenter Melanie brought in the knowledge needed for the realisation of the customised more classic wooden furniture which she mixed with more Contemporary items which ended up with a nice mix giving the whole the prefect and required feeling as requested by the owners.     


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